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7 fanart icons

Balsa and Chagum on horseback. Balsa holds up her cloak to protect herself from the rain. (Closeup.) Chibi Tanda and a bean dish.

7 fanart icons in a multifandom post @ [community profile] gosh

ETA: oh geez, unlocked the icon post!
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10 icons (Balsa, Chagum, Karyudo, Tanda)

Please credit if you use my icons/screenshots.


The rest are in my journal here:
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[Fanfic] He who has patience

Title: He Who Has Patience
Fandom: Seirei no Moribito
Characters/Pairings: Tanda, Balsa, Torogai, Jiguro
Rating: G
Length: 1286
Summary: Balsa and Tanda's first meeting when they're children.
Spoilers: None as long as you know who all the characters listed up there are.
Author's Note: Written for the 'a creek' prompt of the story_lotery challenge @ LJ.

He Who Has Patience
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Moribito translator Cathy Hirano thanks fans

Earlier this week, I learned through a member of the deviantART Moribito fan club that Scholastic/Arthur A. Levine had decided to hold off on publication of the next Moribito novels.

Readers' reactions were supportive and incredibly heartwarming. The translator replied to my email this morning, along with the good news that Moribito II: Guardian of the Darkness had been selected as a Batchelder Honor book despite its predecessor winning the Batchelder Award the year before. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that Scholastic/Arthur A. Levine will pick this awesome series up again!

Translator Cathy Hirano's message can be read here: http://nijibug.dreamwidth.org/77702.html
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SnM manga & anime wallpapers

A couple of Moribito wallpapers I made for myself.  Please feel free to download and use!

Previews (click for fullsize):

Manga Balsa

only available in 1024x768...sorry

Balsa & the Karyudo (Taga, Hyok, Rai, & Sun)

1280x800...resize as you see fit

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Welcome to the Moribito community

Glad you could drop by. :] 
Nahoko Uehashi's Moribito/Tabibito series may not be so popular outside of Japan, but I hope that we can connect and share our thoughts, art, writing, etc. through this community.  I was inspired by the wonderful Moribito comm over on LJ.

Members, feel free to edit/add Tags in this community!